Famille Flaig
Hôtel - Restaurant Anthon
40, rue Principale - F-67510 Obersteinbach
Tél. : +33(0) 3 88 09 55 01
Fax : +33(0) 3 88 09 50 52
info@restaurant-anthon.fr - www.restaurant-anthon.fr

Anthon is located in a little picturesque village in the Vosges du Nord Regional Park. This ancient post office has been in the Flaig family for 4 generations. The traditional local cuisine can be tasted with delight in La Rotonde, the round and panoramic main room of the restaurant or in one of the small and intimate niches. An authentic, wild and romantic Alsace offers itself to you. From the establishments own park, the médiéval chateaus invite the visitor to travel across several centuries of history...

To be discovered

Cuisine prepared with local products farmed by local producers. Homemade bread prepared and baked on site.

Cooking classes with seasonal themes are offered several times a month during which chef Georges Flaig shares his culinary knowledge.

Protected and preserved wild nature to be discovered right outside the establishment. Forests, old stones, streams, rivers, chateaus forts and cave dwellings are easily accessible by foot, by bicycle or even by horse !

À visiter

  • Les châteaux médiévaux (Fleckenstein, Arnsberg, etc.).
  • Les sentiers de randonnée en forêt.
  • L’élevage de chèvres d’Obersteinbach.
  • La ferme équestre d’Obersteinbach.
  • La réserve mondiale de la biosphère au coeur du Parc Naturel Régional des Vosges du Nord.

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